We Rise to Inspire is a non-profit organization run by women catered for women. It is an organization that help when nationwide find their purpose in their professional lives and help them find the blue print to make that happen. Focusing on the education and mentorship to help these women start up their businesses or training in their ideal profession.


Our primary goal is to educate women from all cultures and backgrounds to becoming professionals in the careers they choose, become business owners of businesses they are passionate about, and/or become the entrepreneurs they strive to be. It all starts in one place and in the first step of the journey by taking the action. We want to visit each state and teach women to become financially and professionally independent. We also would like to help these women build their business.

We are creating courses that incorporate our experiences, knowledge and resources to teach women the fundamentals of how to run their business, how to brand themselves, how to stand out from their competitors, how to be unique with your business, and how to find the funding for their business.


We Rise to Inspire is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2017 in the New York area. The organization was formed to help assist women in multi-cultural backgrounds find a community where they can have resources and the education to become successful business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. Since the launch of We Rise to inspire the organization has connected with over 100 different other organizations and companies. This led to 10,000 contacts through social media and network event that are now part of the movement. The organization now has women from all ethnicities, cultures, religion, status, and backgrounds that help give back to the community. What makes We Rise to Inspire unique is the built-in mentorship program. We offer mentorship to all women that join, and we exchange vital information and resources through courses, workshops, and events.

We Rise to Inspire hosted their Women Empowerment event in March 2018 with 235 people in attendance. It was a successful event that had men also attend and participate in the Empowerment event. Everyone from that event connected and most have collaborate on projects and others became business partners!


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Michelle Wong

Founder & President

Michelle is a Founding Member of The WYM Group, a Real Estate Investment & Development Firm. Michelle also hosts the "Work Your Money" Podcast. Tune in to the Work Your Money Podcast at

Ms. Wong is an Entrepreneur & Real Estate Professional & has been in the Real Estate Industry for the past 4 years. She is currently a Real Estate Sales Agent, working closely with clients in residential and commercial properties. She has worked with, as project manager for the NY/Tri-State Region. Ms. Wong also invests for the past few years and is part of an Investment Company. Currently she is working on wholesale deals in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Westchester. She is also working on other projects that are conversion and development sites in Westchester, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk

Ms. Wong founded and operates EvoMed Imaging Productions, a Media/TV/Film production company with her business partners. It is an all in one full service company. The company specializes in commercial & promotional videos, screenwriting consultation, business start up consultation, funding and TV/Film production

Ms. Wong is President and Founder of We Rise to Inspire Organization & Events. She hosts annual Women's empowerment events advocating important issues and topics that are relevant to all women. The primary focuses are business and entrepreneurship.